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Halcyon Villas Naxos is a luxurious complex of villas and suites located on the beautiful island of Naxos. It consists of elegantly decorated villas and suites that offer unparalleled comfort and privacy. Each villa features modern amenities and panoramic views. The complex combines traditional Cycladic architecture with modern touches, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Guests can enjoy relaxing moments, explore the picturesque villages of Naxos, and taste local delicacies at nearby restaurants. The location of Halcyon Villas is ideal for those seeking tranquility and luxury, combined with easy access to the island’s beaches and attractions.

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Modern luxury with traditional Cycladic aesthetics
The Name And The Myth

Halcyon is an international word with Greek roots

The Halcyon Days are a natural phenomenon that occurs in Greece and other Mediterranean regions during winter, usually from mid-January to early February. During these days, the weather is unusually mild and sunny, with almost no wind and temperatures that feel more like spring than winter.

The name "Halcyon" comes from ancient Greek mythology. According to the myth, Alcyone was a goddess who was transformed into a bird, the kingfisher. The gods granted these calm winter days so that the kingfisher could safely build her nest and lay her eggs on the shores of the sea.

These days are significant for farmers and sailors, as they allow them to work under favorable conditions. The Halcyon Days are also an opportunity for people to enjoy the outdoors and engage in activities that would typically be difficult or impossible due to the winter weather. It is a unique phenomenon that highlights the peculiarities and beauty of the Greek climate.

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Halcyon Villas Architecture

The Naxian stone, the Naxian marble and the cement mortar combined with chestnut and oak woods, inherent in the Cycladic architecture, recall memories of authenticity and tradition.
In all our luxurious villas and suites the attention to detail is a trademark. Each room offers a unique experience of residence that ‘smells’ Greece.

Overall Rated
Halcyon Villas is rated for the best value in Naxos Chora!

Proud of our awards & nominations

The awards come to validate and reward the effort but the result of it as well. That is why it is a great honor to receive either nominations or awards at international and national levels since the first year of operation!