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Explore the vast blue beaches of Naxos, enchanted by its wild beauty. In Naxos you will find organized beaches or virgin secret beaches to discover, for sports or family fun. Moreover, many of them are located next to ancient monuments, close to important wetlands in medieval castles and Byzantine churches. You can choose between beaches a few steps from the town and beaches located in exceptional natural beauty, untouched by civilization and tourism. It is A certainty that the beaches of Naxos will amaze you. Come and discover them!

The legendary beach of Agia Anna,is a natural continuation of Agios Prokopios one of the most famous beaches of Naxos.
The endless golden sands lined with cedar trees that give shade to visitors complimented by the picturesque harbor filled with fishing boats in the area. A large area is accommodated with umbrellas and sun beds in front of beach bars and taverns, but the track to a small church forms a small sheltered bay which offers more peace and relaxation. The church leads to a wooden ramp suitable for bikes and children’s trolleys while the view from the terrace is delightful. Also Agia Anna offers many options for water sports and hotels near the sea.

The beaches of Naxos which have received the most awards, Greek and international are: Agios Prokopios, just 4 km. from the harbour. Huge, with coarse sand ending in a series of dunes and crystal clear waters with colour changes from blue to deep blue and blue-green, fairly considered the third best beach in Greece and one of the ten most beautiful in Europe. It is organized with umbrellas and sun beds for the most part, but also has a bit more relaxed, less busy part, on the west coast, where the chapel is situated. There is also water sports such as windsurf, beach volley, cubes, paddle boats, available. For those who are fascinated by nature the highlights in the region are the salt lake or “red lake”, which often hosts herons.

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Mikri Vigla observatory, recognised also by its name .In the years of Frankisme was used as an Observatory because of the danger of pirates approaching the island. Today it is one of the most beautiful beaches of the island and is separated from a rock into two parts, the “Virgin” in the north and to “Harbour” in the south. It is ideal for windsurfing, and is considered the best beach in Naxos for kite surfing, since the bay is closed and air is convenient for jumping and flying over the coast of Naxos.

On the southwest coast of the island, between Plaka and Mikri Vigla extend small consecutive coves. The place is shady and lonely, with coarse sand and crystal blue waters, ideal for those who seek tranquility and isolation.

The beautiful beach of Psili Ammos Fine Sand on the south coast of the island lies in front of a cedar forest and overlooks Koufonisia located opposite. With fine sand and crystal clear shallow water it is ideal for all those seeking peace and relaxation.

The first beach after the Cape Cross, on the northern shores of Naxos, is Ytonas .It is secluded and quiet, ideal for rest and relaxation. In the middle of the bay emerges a characteristic rock, and behind the beach there is a clump of reeds and a few trees for shade.

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